The Elves and the Shoemaker

One of my favorite plays to stage at the holidays is the simple tale The Elves and the Shoemaker–the story of a poor shoemaker and the tiny elves who visit his shop each evening to make shoes for him to sell. This fairy tale is a great way to spread the spirit of the holidays with your students and to show them the way to share –complete with Teaching Resources and quick ideas for staging this fun play in your classroom.

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Gingerbread Man Play & Teaching Ideas

Gingerbread Men (And Ladies) are always a fun addition to any primary classroom. The extension ideas are endless–but bring your Gingerbread Unit to a fun launch with the play The Gingerbread Man.screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-7-43-13-pmFor other great ideas about Gingerbread Men, check out Shari Carter’s ideas for the missing Gingerbread Man.  This creative teacher has such clever ideas–like The Gingerbread Man Hunt.

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Shari Carter, a Kindergarten Teacher in Idaho is a wonder with clever and fun ideas for younger students. We think she is amazing! Thanks Shari for sharing your great ideas with teachers!



April Plays- On Sale 99 Cents

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Hooray for Spring K-2 a play which includes rhymes, repetition, and predictable language to help bolster young children’s reading and oral language skills. Comes complete with teaching strategies and cross-curricular extensions. Also  Viva La Primavera  in Spanish.

All Aboard the Earth Train  K-2 Explore the things that live on earth in this short science play. Play includes rhyme, repetition, and predictable language to help young learners build reading confidence. Great for Earth Day-April 22.

Being a Kite 3+  Spring Poem and Playlet. This poetry play includes an easy lesson plan to help you teach the essentials of poetic form PLUS terrific tips for presenting the plays in your classroom.

Fly High Butterfly K-1 Explore the life cycle of butterflies in this short science play. Play includes rhyme, repetition, and predictable language. ready-to-go plays for your classroom.