Students Preparing their own Scripts

By Linda Cornwell

While RT has a lot of power on its own, the power is greatly increased when kids prepare their own scripts — they are truly integrating reading, writing, and thinking skills.  In the experience of breaking down a story to turn it into a simple script, students learn about fundamental aspects of literature, such as character, plot, setting, and structure.

To construct a  great RT script, students should  choose a story  that they like, or a  short section of a book . Books or folktales are great for adaptation especially when they are rich in dialogue and have well-defined, interesting characters.

Nonfiction books are also provide a good source  of RT material, especially those about people from the past. Imagine a RT script about Harriet Tubman or Babe Ruth.

Give it a try. Have your students write a RT script of their own!

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