Beginning Readers and Rereading Plays

Adria Klein, Literacy Expert

When you think about returning to school after the holidays, you might want to consider an integrated Language Arts Activity reading plays in the classroom. B​eginning​ readers benefit​ from reading plays.  While it is a wonderful integrated Language Arts activity when they perform the plays with props, costumes and for an audience,  there are several reasons for reading the plays in the whole group or in small groups.

Rereading plays provides purposeful oral rehearsal of language that benefits developing fluency and scaffolds English Learners as well. Kids can pair to read parts or read in trios or groups; no one has to read alone.  Teacher planned pairing will help support all readers.

Plays are a terrific thing to consider during the cold winter school days. My students begged to stay in during recess to continue practicing their plays. has 296 plays written especially for beginning readers.!/~/search/keywords=beginning readers&offset=0&sort=relevance

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Happy Holidays from me to you.


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