Beginning Readers & Readers Theater

Adria Klein, Literacy Expert


Be sure to give Reader’s Theater a try in the new year. The benefits of doing plays and read alouds are great with developing oral language and fluency. Taking parts in a play helps develop conversational skills as this reinforces listening to each other, taking turns, and can even include eye contact. Plays usually  aren’t memorized but reread to a point where all readers are successful and feel positive about the reading experience.

Rereading can be at higher reading level with more complex text.  The frequent rereading with a purpose can help students stretch their skills and strategies. And reading plays helps students develop phrasing and expression, key factors in reading comprehension.

These benefits are just part of the reason to read plays in the classroom and in intervention groups.  Think about goals and expectations for your students and then consider how reading a play can help students read and succeed!
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