MLK, Jr. Speaking Out for Justice-Now 99 Cents

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Looking for a play to stage in your classroom to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? This play about the famed Civil Rights activist will help your students to build fluency and foster reading skills with this read-aloud play. Complete with background information, a discussion question, writing prompt, book and Internet links, and a fun, cross-curricular activity. This play is a quick way to integrate Social Studies and Language Arts.!/Speaking-Out-For-Justice-Dr-Martin-Luther-King-Black-History/p/49531471/category=13111039

Other Plays about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Have a Dream!/Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Day-I-Have-a-Dream/p/49531596

Martin Luther King, Jr. Dreams of Justice!/Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Read-Aloud-Play-Civil-Rights/p/49531623

He Had a Dream, MLK, Jr. Grades 1-2!/He-Had-a-Dream-Martin-Luther-King-Jr/p/49531821

Thank You Dr. King Grades K-2!/Thank-You-Dr-King/p/49531564

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