Student Tips for Reader’s Theater

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Some great ideas to share with your students who are staging a play or a Reader’s Theater production. Visit our Tips page on to download these tips to distribute to your students!

  • Use a pencil to write notes to yourself in the margins of the play. If there are places where you should pause and take a breath, mark the script with //.
  • Use a highlighter to highlight the speaking parts of the script. Only highlight the parts of the script that are your speaking roles. You might want to use one color to highlight the speaking role and one other color to highlight the words you need to act out.
  • Read your part out loud and think about what the character would be thinking when he or she was speaking the role.
  • Practice! Practice! When you practice your role—try it in front of a mirror. You can try faces or a different voice when you rehearse your part in the play.
  • Speak loudly and project your voice. You want everyone in the audience to hear what you are saying.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Narrators of the scripts are important to the play. You need to keep the play moving and headed in the right direction. Your role is to speak to the audience and to let them know what is going on in the play.
  • Characters of the play should always stay in character. Be sure to act like your character when you are speaking and when other students are speaking.
  • Face the audience! Look at them and make eye contact with the people who are watching the play. has over 700 great plays–ready to go. Coming soon–Original musical plays!

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