Abe Lincoln–Happy Birthday FEB 12th


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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is a favorite topic for February teaching. Students and teachers alike, seem to identify with the human side of Abe Lincoln and teach the values and ethics demonstrated by Lincoln. Lincoln is a great topic to stage a play or readaloud. eReadersTheater.com offers many plays about Lincoln for all grade and reading levels. Using read-aloud plays is a great way t

  • build oral literacy skills, and reading fluency.
  • encourage listening skills.
  • bring new life to familiar themes.
  • draw out quiet students.

Here’s a sample of some of  plays about Abraham Lincoln.

A Hard Peace:Abraham Lincoln and the Restoration is short  readaloud play  for grades 4-8 about Abraham Lincoln and the reconstruction efforts after the Civil War– with background information, writing prompts, and creative activities. Many historical characters including John Wilkes Booth, Mary Todd Lincoln, Lewis Paine, Edwin Stanton and Andrew Johnson appear in this play.

The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln is a delightful choral reading with four main characters and a chorus–perfect for grades 2-4. Enrich social studies as you teach about Abraham Lincoln. Play comes complete with background information, discussion questions, writing prompts, literature and Internet links, and engaging cross-curricular activities.

 Abraham Lincoln-Keeping the Country United for grades 4-8 is a ten page play about Lincoln and the Civil War. Comes complete with teaching strategies and cross-curricular extensions.
Good Old Abe, Honest Abe for grades 1-3  is a fluency-building play with activities that expand vocabulary and content knowledge that introduces beginning readers to important figures in our country’s history. Background information and extension activities teach key concepts and vocabulary.
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Students can make a 3 D Lincoln cabin from toilet tissue tubes. Add windows, doors and a chimney–let them be creative and add features like trees and clouds.

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