Tooth Fairies and Dental Health


Dental Health Month is upon us. I was thinking about those little dental kits that they used to send to classrooms. We would hand out the tiny  pink pills that students would chew to reveal areas of their teeth where they needed to brush better! I am dating myself even thinking about those kits. But looking for a great way to talk about terrific teeth. Stage a quick play. Check out quick and easy plays about dental health.

Proud to be Your Teeth is a fun way to help children learn key science and health concepts about the human body and build reading fluency. Easy-to-read text includes rhyme, repetition, and predictable language.


A Surprise for the Tooth Fairy a play for Primary Grades all about dental health includes cross-curricular extension activities and book links.


Loose Tooth a play which includes rhymes, repetition, and predictable language to help bolster young children’s reading and oral language skills.


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