George Washington’s Birthday-2/22

Sometimes we feel like George is getting the short end of the stick being lumped into Presidents’ Day! He doesn’t get a holiday or a day off all for himself. Why not honor the First POTUS by staging a George Washington play?

The Truth about George Washington all about George Washington and the American Revolution. Play comes complete with background information, discussion questions, writing prompts, literature and Internet links, and engaging cross-curricular activities. Great for Grades 3+

The Very First Leader a fluency-building play with activities that expand vocabulary and content knowledge that introduces beginning readers to important figures in our country’s history. ON SALE -99 Cents! Works for Grades 1+


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.10.46 PM

While you are at it–make a George Washington mask. Be sure to include the cotton balls for his wig!
Art project by Jenny Solis, Yucaipa, California.




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