The Sun Will Come-A Play for Spring

by Allie Magnuson

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The Sun Will Come–Our Cast

As an after-school teacher, I help first graders with their reading skills, and one of the things I wanted to emphasize was how to read for fluency and expression. As always, eReader’s Theater was the perfect resource. The Sun Will Come is a simple play that can help kids practice these important skills aloud and in a social context.I have twelve students, so they took turns playing each of the four speaking parts. While reading the lines out loud, at first the kids sounded like robots. I encouraged them to read in front of a mirror so they could see and listen to themselves. They giggled, but eventually they gained confidence, and their reading began to sound more like speaking naturally.

Since the kids wanted to practice the play in front of an audience, they started with a group of kindergarteners. That rehearsal taught my little performers why it was important to speak up and show lots of expression, how to stand so that it was easier to pass the microphone to each other, and what a good audience member looked like.

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For helping kids practice fluency, voice, expression, confidence, sight words, and reading comprehension, The Sun Will Come is a bargain at only $1.99. Get your own copy today at

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Allie Magnuson has been teaching Kindergarten for 11 years. She loves to incorporate plays into her reading curriculum with







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