T Shirts–Quick and Easy Costume Ideas

by Marci Ruiz

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 5.31.21 PM
Face Paint does the trick!

Marci Ruiz, a super creative Kindergarten teacher in San Bernardino, recommends buying solid color t-shirts at the dollar store whenever you see them. Don’t worry about the sizes—oversized shirts are fine. Marci gets really creative with the shirts—using acrylic or fabric paints to decorate the shirts. Sponge paint on the t-shirts with acrylic paint to make spots, tummies, faces and top it off with simple headbands to finish off the costume.  She suggests using a hot glue gun to add embellishments—feathers, foam, sparkles and sequins. She saves the t-shirts from year to year in a plastic tub and adds new ones each play she plans and stages. To see more costume, prop and mask ideas from Marci and other great teachers go to ereaderstheater.com.


Color “Possibili-Tees”

  • Pink–pigs
  • Brown–horses or cows
  • Gray–mice
  • White w/ black spots– cow or
  • Red-fox

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