Max the Fly–Tips and Ideas for Max & Music

max the fly
Some thoughts on Max, from the author Dennis E. Smith:

In a small town classroom in the heart of Iowa, the temperature is rising and the kids are getting restless. Summer can’t come fast enough. The school’s air conditioning is: open the window. And being a farm town, open windows seem to attract certain pesky creatures. Flies, to be specific. Then, one day: Smack! A third-grader struck back. “Got ’im,” he said, and a song is born.

Max the Fly is a comic tragedy. It would be “cool” to be Max, to be able to fly, land upside on the ceiling, make sounds when you fly, plus, have a multitude of eyes. Max may appear to be fun loving, yet under most circumstances, he’s not very welcome. Max is, however, an inspiration for a unit on health.

Children love to make sounds like a fly, especially one with a name.

When they do the “buzzzzzzzz!” part, most times you will have to play conductor or traffic cop, and cut them off. Believe me, some kids could buzz forever and never stop. They also love to smash Max flat. The timing of smashing Max will take practice, an activity in which children will love to partake. Have students bring newspapers or magazines to smash Max. One time, a student brought large telephone book. I think he had anger issues.


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Dennis E. Smith


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