Make a Spring Time Craft

April is Poetry Month. I like to have my students listen to poems about flowers and follow it up with a simple craft.Here’s a great poem/playlet–Choose a Color  All about color in spring time. It’s Spring Poem and Playlet. This poetry play includes an easy lesson plan to help you teach the essentials of poetic form PLUS terrific tips for presenting the plays in your classroom. The ending line “if I were green I would help the world to breathe together” is a fun way to talk about color and ecology with your class.

Add to the artistic “oxygen” in your classroom with this simple project.

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Make a spring art flower project to go with the Poem, Choose a Color

What You Need:

Any color shredded construction paper (I used sheets of 12” x 9” pieces of pink, white, hot pink,  and purple construction paper.) 

5” x 7” white construction paper

2” x 4” white construction paper

purple, white, pink paint

6” x 12” white construction paper

5” x 5” piece of pink construction paper


glitter glue

What to do: 

1. Shred construction paper in a paper shredder. 

2. Paint the 5” x 7” piece of white construction paperlight purple. (Just

mix the purple and white together.) Let dry. 

3. Paint the 2” x 4” piece of white construction paper

pink. Let dry.

4. Fold the 6” x 12” in half to make the card. 

5. Tear the edges of the 5” x 5” piece of pink construction and glue the paper on the card. 

6. Squeeze a lot of glue on the pink part of the card.Take a pinch of the

shredded construction paper from each baggie and place it on the pink

part of the card. Press down firmly. 

7. Cut four small flower shapes from the lavender painted paper. 

8. Cut four small circles from the pink painted paper which will be the pistol of the flower. 

9. Glue the flowers on the four edges of the card. 

10.  Add glitter glue

Andrea Maurer, an amazing Kindergarten Teacher provided this craft!

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