The Ugly Pumpkin- A Fun October Play and Teaching Unit for October Grades 1-3

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The Ugly Pumpkin is a fun play for grades 1-3. The Ugly Pumpkin comes with background information-almost more than you would want to know about pumpkins, squash, and other autumn vegetables. It also suggests great extension activities to do with your class. Our favorite is writing a pumpkin poem, where you write SEE, HEAR, SMELL, FEEL on the board. Then you Play–PASS the PUMPKIN and have the students dictate sensory words that they have discovered about the pumpkin.If your students have roasted pumpkin seeds or eaten pumpkin, you can add TASTE to the exercise. Students can write a class poem using these words.

Now on sale for 99 Cents The Ugly Pumpkin is a ready to go bundle of ideas to spend a rainy autumn day with your students.


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