Columbus Day is October 10

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2 quick and easy plays about Columbus to use in your classroom for Readers Theater or just for fluency practice. Both on sale at ereaders for 99 Cents this month-just in time for a quick holiday activity!

Columbus Sails West is a simple and easy play for grades 1-3 that helps to celebrate the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World. This play helps to expand vocabulary and content knowledge and introduces beginning readers to important figures in our country’s history. Background information and  extension activities teach key concepts and vocabulary. 99 Cents!

Columbus’s Mistake outlines some of the errors Christopher Columbus made on his journey in 1492. A quick teaching unit for grades 4-8, Columbus’s Mistake is a ready-to-go resource for the Friday before the holiday! An easy-to-read October play about Christopher Columbus and his explorations. Also includes creative activities, Web and literature links, background information, and vocabulary lists. 99 Cents!

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