Winter Friends


Winter Friends–A fun little play that explores how and which animals hibernate in winter months. Play includes rhyme, repetition, and predictable language to help young learners build reading confidence. Great for grades K-1 and now only 99 Cents at

While you are thinking about hibernating animals-check out this great idea to describe hibernating groundhogs by Jennifer Solis, a great teacher in Beaumont, California.


After reading a story about groundhogs our class made a sentence patterning chart  to create super sentences based on the story. This tool is extremely helpful for the students to use while working on sentence structure. Before sending the students off to work independently, we created a few silly sentences together. We passed out 4 Post-It notes to 4 different children. Each student placed his or her Post-it on a different colored word on the chart. When the four words had been chosen, we chanted the sentence to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.”

Try it:

The furry groundhog, The furry groundhog, The furry groundhog peered outside his burrow!

The students used words from the chart to write their own silly sentences.



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