City Mouse and Country Mouse

A beautifully illustrated background for The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. Project on your whiteboard or classroom wall while students perform the play.

Our very favorite play on is a super kit for the City Mouse and the Country Mouse. We have a very unique approach to this fun play.  This Super Kit has EVERYTHING you could possibly use in the classroom. Most exciting aspect is the complete set of background images for projection. Project it on the classroom wall or with your whiteboard. All original art by a gifted member of our teacher team.  Kit includes thematic printables–all with adorable mice dancing all over the pages.

  • The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Play (PDF)
  • An Announcement Printable (PDF)
  • Vocabulary Cards (PDF)
  • Character Cards Printable (PDF)
  • A set of background images for projection (Power Point)
  • Character Traits Printable (PDF)
  • KWL Printable (PDF)
  • Sequencing Timeline Printable (PDF)
  • Setting the Stage Printable (PDF)
  • Storyboard Printable (PDF)
  • Venn Diagram Printable (PDF)


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    Play announcement–send it home as an invitation to parents. Blow it up and make school posters.

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