From Seed to Plant

by Allie Magnusson

My students were excited to begin our plant unit, and the play From Seed to Plant was a great introduction to it that I found in was a real bargain at only 99 cents.

Learning about Seeds to Plants
Students revisit the play on our plant bulletin board.

The play, which is written as a poem, has four characters: Seed/Plant, Soil, Water, and Sun.

All the girls got to play the part of the seed that grows into a plant, and recited the two verses together. Three groups of boys performed each of the remaining characters (one verse each).

Afterwards, we planted bean seeds in wet paper towels, placed them in plastic Ziploc bags, and hung them in the window to watch them grow. After our seeds grew into seedlings, we planted them outside in a big pot and watered them daily to watch them grow even taller. When the beans started to grow like a real plant, we performed the play again and created a bulletin board that covered all of the steps a seed takes to grow into a plant.


Observing our seeds (1)



Soil, Grass, Sky
STEP 1–Sky, grass, soil on the bulletin board
Adding parts of the play!
STEP 2–Sky, grass, soil on the bulletin board


Learning about Seeds to Plants
STEP 3–Sky, grass, soil on the bulletin board

“From Seed to Plant,” from, was an awesome resource that helped make our plant unit “come alive!”

The play is also available in Spanish. De-La-Semilla-A-La-Planta for 99 Cents!


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.58.24 PM
Allie Magnuson has been teaching kindergarten for 11 years. She loves to incorporate plays into her reading curriculum and is overjoyed by the number and variety of plays available on eReaders Theater. 


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