Easy Peasy Punctuation Props!!

Punctuation Props--available in eReaders Theater Extras
Punctuation Props–available in eReaders Theater Extras

Here’s an easy way to add a bit of oomph! and fun to your Readers Theater productions. Print these prop clouds out and laminate them. (You might want to glue them to a sheet of tag board to reinforce the back before you laminate.)Cut out and  attach to a 12 inch stick or long craft sticks. Reinforce the stick to the cloud on the back with duct tape!

Punctuation or responses can be used by students in the reader’s theater group—or by the audience members. Explanation points go up when they want emphasis, question marks  are raised when a question is asked.

Use your imagination—students can do thumbs up or down when voting on a decision or an outcome or they can show their smiling faces when they are happy.

Teachers–make an extra set of the  happy or sad faces and keep on your desk when you want to reflect on student behavior!

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